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In 2023, social media platforms continue to invent new ways for how we engage with brands, connect with others, and consume content online. From augmented reality to personalized advertising, these changes offer exciting opportunities for brands to reach their audiences and create meaningful experiences. Let’s dive into the 10 social media trends for 2023!

  1. Augmented Reality (AR): Social Media AR technology will be more prevalent and even more user friendly. What is it? AR combines real-world content with virtual elements, allowing users to interact with digital content. For example, Facebook’s 3D photo converter, Snapchat’s lenses, and Instagram’s filters are popular examples of augmented reality on social media. Users can overlay virtual elements such as 3D objects, animations, or graphics onto their photos and videos in real-time, creating a unique and engaging experience. 
  2. Social Commerce: As more people are turning to social media platforms for shopping, expect to see more social commerce integrations on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  3. TikTok for Business: TikTok’s popularity continues to grow, and businesses are starting to take notice. Expect to see more businesses using TikTok to showcase their products and services, and raise awareness about their brands. 
  4. Transparency and Authenticity: Social media users are demanding more transparency and authenticity from brands, and companies that prioritize these values will stand out in 2023.
  5. Livestreaming: Connecting in real-time will continue to be a popular trend in 2023, with more brands and influencers using the LIVE feature across all platforms.
  6. User-Generated Content (UCG): User-generated content will remain a powerful tool for brands looking to increase engagement and authenticity on social media.
  7. Chatbots and AI-Powered Customer Service: As customer service expectations continue to rise, we will see more businesses using chatbots and AI-powered response technologies to provide 24/7 support to their customers. What is a chatbot? Think of those pop up text boxes on a website where you can text a service agent for assistance any time, anywhere. 
  8. Sophisticated, Personalized Advertising: Social media advertising will become more sophisticated and personalized in 2023, allowing brands to target their audience more accurately.
  9. Short-Form Video (Reels): Instagram’s Reels feature has been a hit, and we can expect to see more social media platforms incorporating short-form video into their features.
  10. Micro-Influencer Marketing: We know major influencers have a huge effect on followers. In 2023, there will be a rise in micro-influencers. These are people with a smaller number of followers, but more engaged audiences. Brands can partner with micro-influencers to reach a specifically targeted audience in a more cost-effective way than paying high fees to bigger influencers.


With the constant innovation of technology, the way we interact with social media is continuously evolving. Brands that can effectively leverage these trends are likely to see success in the ever-changing social media landscape!

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