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By definition, connection is a two-way street. You + Me = We. The Stone Group starts by connecting our expertise with your products and services. Together, we craft a message that connects directly to the hearts of those you want to create a relationship with. We transform the buyer-seller alliance into the kind of bond that inspires trust, builds loyalty, and ignites a desire to become a part of your ‘We.’ 


The Stone Group, Inc. doesn’t just get your message across. We communicate your passion in a way that stirs a deep response. Our marketing, advertising, design, digital, and public relations specialists are here to help you start a conversation with the people who need what you have to offer. We craft the message that transforms them from a ‘target market’ into living, breathing partners in your business journey.


The biggest decisions – and the biggest purchases – are emotional decisions. People aren’t buying a house. They are choosing a home where they will raise their family. They’re not just signing up at a gym. They are joining a club that offers a lifestyle filled with health, recreation, and relaxation. At The Stone Group, our designers, writers, and marketing specialists love to create the kind of fresh, fun, imaginative campaigns that make people go beyond thinking and start imagining themselves living in that home, yearning for that healthy lifestyle, or wanting to make your products and services part of their lives.



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We solve real-world business challenges with creative solutions by guiding brands to be more responsive to the competitive markets and ever-changing technology and cultural landscapes. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years.  We make stuff that matters. Take a look.

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