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In his book, Start with Why, Simon Sinek writes that “everyone knows what they do, but hardly anyone knows why they do it.” His point: Whether you are leading a movement or a company, to be truly successful, the goal is not to tell people what to do or buy. The goal is to communicate to others your passion for what you do, connect with the deep-seated part of them that shares that passion, then inspire them to join you in making that passion a part of their lives. At The Stone Group, we don’t just tell you what your marketing needs are. We start with helping you find your Why, then guide you through the process of How to reach your goals, and finally create What you need to get there.


Connect. First we  connect with you. We ask questions. We listen. We find out who you are, why you love this thing that you do. Then we help you communicate that by giving you a fresh voice and a clear, powerful message that resonates deep inside, where gut decisions are made.

 Communicate. The Stone Group is dedicated to bringing people together. We take your passion and  communicate it to those you’re trying to reach in a way that makes them want to claim that passion as their own. Because communication is more than just speaking to the marketplace. It’s a deep dialogue that touches hearts, and inspires action.

Create. Before you touch someone’s heart, you have to turn their head. At The Stone Group, we love to find  bold, creative ways to tell your story in a way that makes someone want to be part of it. Whether we’re naming a project or product, designing a logo, creating a digital campaign, or coming up with a fun theme for an event, we look for the fresh approach that will get attention, promote interaction, and stimulate a response.

Our Services


The Stone Group, Inc. is a full-service marketing, advertising, design and digital agency. Whether you need from-scratch branding, a fresh marketing strategy, attention-getting creative design or think-outside-the-box digital content, we’re here for you. Our talented team has the broad experience and special skills needed to establish your firm as a strong presence in the marketplace, build a reputation customers believe in, and make your sales soar. Our services include:


  • BRANDING – Brand Positioning, Logo and Identity Design, Market Research
  • INTERNET MARKETING – Website Design, Eblast Campaigns, Online Advertising, Google PPC, SEM, & SEO Campaigns, Reporting & Analytics
  • DESIGN – Digital Campaigns, Print Advertising, Brochures & Collateral Materials, Signage / Outdoor, Broadcast Media
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Social Media Campaigns, Blogs, Reporting & Analytics
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS – Press Releases, Copywriting, Event Planning
  • STRATEGIC MARKETING – Media Research, Planning & Management, Budgeting
Numerous awards that The Stone Group has won


We don’t mean to brag, but . . . it is nice to be recognized for all your work by other industry professionals. But what’s most important is that all the hard work pays off for our clients. Because in the end, that’s what matters most – creating a brand that leaves a lasting impression.

Group Culture

Kathleen Bulter, President of The Stone Group

Collaboration is key at The Stone Group. Headed by Kathleen D. Butler, our experienced team is made up of talented and creative designers, copywriters, media experts, and client services professionals. We work (and play!) well together, and will do the same with you. We know we can help you reach your marketing goals, because we’ve been helping clients do that since 1988.

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