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Spring is finally upon us and that means selling season has kicked into full gear. Although Spring starts in March, we typically don’t see the peak selling season hit until April or May. According to CBS News, homes that are listed in the first two weeks of May, find a buyer nine days faster on average than those who listed at other times of the year. In addition to selling faster, homes typically sold for a 1-2% premium. The Huffington Post recently released an article stating that San Jose and Sacramento were two of a handful of metro area’s that saw the biggest premiums from listing in late spring.

Spring has proven to be an ideal time to sell a home, but are there any downsides of this busy market? points out that buyers may be more selective when purchasing a home during the peak season because there is an increased inventory. However, an increased inventory means that sellers can also be selective and can ultimately benefit from bidding wars. April is just a few days away, which means this is prime time to get your home up on the market. Need some help getting started? Check out these helpful tips and don’t waste any time!

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