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Do you like to keep up with the latest trends in home décor? We do too! We will look at what’s currently trending and what items you can probably donate to your local Goodwill all in the name of keeping up with “what’s hot and what’s not” in home design.


  1. Mixed metallics – Gone are the days of keeping silver and gold on separate playing fields, now they get along with one another and even like to be mixed in with the softer metallic, rose gold.
  2. Appliances with color – Move over stainless steel (finally!!), with all these white kitchens, people are craving a pop of color in their appliances.
  3. Statement flooring – Brown, boring hardwood floors are being replaced with geometric statement tiles as a way to accent a space.
  4. Pantone Color of the Year – We love this year’s Pantone color of the year, ultra violet and so will you! It gives off both a modern and vintage feel so it appeals to all generations.
  5. Furniture with curves – Comfort is where it’s at with softer, curvy lines for your sofas and accent pieces. They give a more laid-back feeling to a room, which promotes relaxation.


  1. Word wall art – We are quite happy to see this one go, let’s keep words in a book where they belong.
  2. Barn doors – These doors are being way overused and in every type style of home – keep them in modern-style homes or once the coolness factor wears off, it will soon become an eyesore.
  3. Granite countertops – Hasn’t this been out? You will find it in almost every home but along with that must-have white kitchen, comes a quartz or marble countertop. Sorry, granite!
  4. Open shelving – Let’s face it, it looks good on TV and in photos but who has the space or wants to dust around any more decorative items in their home?
  5. Reclaimed wood – Yes, it’s eco-friendly but too much can be just that, too much! Keep what you have but don’t add any more reclaimed wood to your home.


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