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Downsizing your home can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety for anyone. Imagine trying to purge years of collecting items from a sprawling home into a much smaller one. The key to successfully downsizing is to have a plan. You can create a comfortable and stylish environment made for daily living and live stress free by following these easy steps suggested by HGTV.

Getting organized is the key to reclaiming space when downsizing. So tackle each area with determination. Do you really need all those old books? It might be time to throw out childhood memorabilia and old files. Here’s a great list from AARP to help you get organized.

Junk. We all have it. Sometimes it’s tucked away in closets or drawers. For others, garages have become storage sheds. Now is the time to throw away your junk and downsize your belongings. Here are 20 tips to help you get rid of junk.


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