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Spring has proven to be the best time to sell a home, but does the same rule apply to those buying a home? Selling a home during Spring and Summer can be a huge advantage, but this can also mean increased inventory and bidding wars for those interested in buying. The Mercury News recently reported that a high percentage of homes in the Bay Area sold for more than the listing price. In addition to homes selling at a higher price than originally listed, Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco were among the fastest moving markets in February. Buying a home in Spring may be a challenge for some buyers, but according to a recent article, Easter Sunday is the second best day of the year to buy.
Trying to predict the housing market is tricky, so experts say that the real best time to buy a home is when you’re financially ready. Since each buyer has different wants and needs, make sure to take the proper steps before buying a home, such as researching the neighborhood, getting approved for a loan, and knowing the exact condition of a home before purchasing it. Once you have found your dream home, it’s smart to have a checklist in place to make the buying process go smoothly. No matter what time of the year, buying a home is a huge commitment, so make sure you’re fully ready to take the plunge!

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